About Us

Bournemouth Coastal BID is a not for profit, independent voice

that represents the varied community of levy payers.


Locally focused and business-led, together we continuously improve our areas,

ensuring they are recognised as welcoming, safe, and clean destinations.




Day & Night

We aim to raise the profile of the area as a year round destination.

We do this by highlighting the uniqueness and variety of the destination,

our individual trading districts and supporting your business in doing their work.

The Bournemouth Coastal BID is business run and working alongside a range of other partners

with the Board of Directors (drawn from local business representatives who

work on a voluntary basis) have striven over the last 10 years to deliver the business plan projects.

Meet the team

Strong and effective governance guides all dealings with contributors and our wider community with a policy of complete transparency and accountability.

Peter Ruscoe

Bournemouth Coastal BID Chair

General Manager of the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Boscombe
A sharp analytical mind with great retail knowledge.
Avid football supporter and road cyclist.

Fiona McArthur

Head of Bournemouth Coastal BID

Legal Background, creative and excellent multitasker.
Heading up HQ at Bournemouth Coastal Bid.

Cheese and labrador fan.

Sonia Shaw

 Operations and Marketing Manager

Olympic sporting background and production, organised and proactive. 

Art, Music and culture lover.

Adam Horan

Environmental Steward

Technological background in sound engineering and photography,

expert in all things plant related and composting genius.

Scooter fan.

Bill Pilkington

Environmental Steward

Mechanical engineering background,

yet to find a machine or gadget he cannot fix or improve.

Vintage motorbike and gravy fan.

Victoria Beraou


Vicky Helps our Southbourne area to keep the heart of the community and Highstreet beating together .

Director of a number of businesses across entertainment and F&B. Vicky is currently director of Makla in Southbourne and has even opened up Southbourne’s first night club.

With years of expertise in a cross section of industries she is able to help bring the various businesses together and is very active in guiding Coastal BID on all event activity in Southbourne

Dan Armstrong


Dan has been peddling bikes for as long as he can remember. Passionate about the environment, he has been instrumental in helping bring forward thinking concepts to Southbourne.

One of which is helping to introduce local businesses to the use of more local deliveries on Cargo bikes. With a successful welcoming coffee and bike shop located on the highstreet he has the local businesses ears and also the local residents and is steering Bournemouth Coastal BID into a sustainable future.

Chris Shepherd


Chris has been working in Economic Development since 2005, providing the connection between businesses and government across the South Coast. Chris has helped create projects and opportunities that help businesses to grow across BCP. Bournemouth Costal BID are delighted to have his insight and businesses acumen to help grow our projects and to help us achieve our full potential. His insight helps us to focus on developing our various districts whilst encouraging business growth and promoting this area as a great place to live and work.

Rosie Radwell


An entrepreneur from the day she was born Rosie hasn’t stopped helping to put the hotels in Bournemouth on the map. As a hotel owner she knows how to attract people to our beautiful coastal town and she’s always creating new ideas to keep the area buzzing. An advocate for sustainable concepts and inclusivity. She’s a trailblazer with numerous awards under her belt.

Kenny Woodhead:


With an MBA and a few businesses under his belt and his HQ is in Westbourne where he has a home supply shop. He has close connection with the traders in Westbourne and is bringing some fresh ideas to the table every year.

Board Members

Eytan Krip

Board Member

West Cliff Representative. Owner of the Collingwood Hotel.

Our eyes and ears to the ground on the West Cliff.

Perceptive and decisive.

Andreas Booth

Board Member

Boscombe representative.

Owner of Specsavers.

Quick thinking and sharp.

Fan of wild camping.

Justin Brandon

Board Member

Westbourne representative.

Owner of Scape Interiors.

Creative with an eye on all things Westbourne related.

David Bailey

Board Member

Bournemouth Hoteliers Association representative.

Many years experience running a first class hotel on the East Cliff.

Knows everyone, and great ambassador for the BID.  Open water swimmer.

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Quick Takeaways

Bournemouth Coastal BID at a glance
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