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8 February 2024CoastalBID

Monsters Campaign: Coastal Critters

The Monsters Campaign, which featured the delightful “Coastal Critters,” was a perfect example of Bournemouth Coastal BID’s innovative approach to enhancing the local environment, driving footfall, and supporting businesses during key trading periods. This captivating Halloween installation showcased BCB’s commitment to creating distinctive, memorable experiences that celebrated the unique personality of each district while fostering a sense of community and joy.
In partnership with internationally renowned Designs In Air, known for their work with Glastonbury Festival and the Olympics, BCB commissioned a series of giant, illuminated monster sculptures that adorned the shopping streets of Boscombe, Westbourne, and Southbourne. Crafted from parachute material, these playful, eye-catching critters were strategically placed on rooftops and buildings, transforming the urban landscape into a whimsical wonderland that delighted visitors of all ages.

Campaign Details

The Coastal Critters served multiple purposes – they created a vibrant, inviting atmosphere that encouraged people to explore the shopping areas, they provided a talking point and photo opportunity that generated buzz and social media engagement, and they demonstrated BCB’s investment in the vitality and creativity of the local business community. By bringing this world-class installation to the heart of the districts, BCB helped to position each area as a dynamic, innovative destination with a strong sense of character and community spirit.
In Boscombe, the critters were showcased on the big screen opposite the entrance to the Sovereign Shopping Centre, with a lively 3D building mapping show that ran until November 4th. This engaging, immersive display was a prime example of how BCB used cutting-edge technology to create compelling experiences that drove footfall and dwell time, supporting local businesses during the crucial Halloween and half-term period.

Boscombe Goofs

Boscombe Halloween Lights

Community Engagement

BCB also worked closely with local traders to extend the reach and impact of the Monsters Campaign, facilitating complementary activities and promotions that encouraged even greater engagement and exploration. In Southbourne, for example, traders hosted a pumpkin carving competition where the public could vote for their favourite creation, as well as a fancy dress event for children on Southbourne Green and Fisherman’s Walk. These collaborations demonstrated BCB’s partnership-driven approach, empowering businesses to capitalise on the increased footfall and buzz generated by the Coastal Critters.

Southbourne Tentacles
Westbourne Howler

The Monsters Campaign was underpinned by a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy designed to maximise its reach and impact. By encouraging people to share their experiences using the hashtag #Coastalcritters, BCB built a sense of community ownership and pride around the installation, as well as generating valuable user-generated content that promoted the districts to a wider audience.

As Fiona McArthur, Coastal BID Manager, explained: “We are bringing something different to our trading areas this Halloween, stepping up this season to bring cheerful and iconic artwork to our streets. The aim of the campaign is to give visitors yet another reason to come to our shopping areas, to further reinforce the fact that each of these are vibrant and innovative, all with their own personalities and all supported by a strong network of hard working and creative shop, restaurant and bar owners and staff.”

The success of the Monsters Campaign was a testament to BCB’s vision, creativity, and commitment to supporting local businesses and communities. By investing in high-quality, memorable experiences that captured the imagination and brought people together, BCB helped to ensure that Boscombe, Westbourne, and Southbourne remained vibrant, thriving destinations that offered something truly special and unique. As the districts moved into the crucial Christmas trading period, the Coastal Critters provided a perfect platform for further activations and promotions that kept the momentum going and supported businesses through this challenging but exciting time.