See Santa (Bookings required), Street animation & entertainment, 147 Choir

2 April 2024

Easter-themed events

Bournemouth Coastal BID organises a range of Easter-themed events and activities to attract visitors and support local businesses during the springtime holiday period. 

Southbourne, Westbourne & Bournemouth

In Southbourne, the BID funds a popular Easter Bunny Trail, which encourages families to explore the area and engage with local shops and attractions.

Similar events are also organised in other coastal districts, such as Westbourne and Boscombe, helping to create a festive atmosphere and drive footfall to local high streets. By investing in these family-friendly initiatives, the BID aims to position Bournemouth as a leading destination for Easter breaks, boosting occupancy rates for hotels and generating additional revenue for the wider tourism economy.

Year Round Appeal

While the Easter events may be smaller in scale compared to some of the BID’s other projects, they play an important role in maintaining Bournemouth’s year-round appeal and supporting the sustainability of local businesses. The BID’s commitment to organising these events demonstrates their understanding of the need to provide compelling reasons for visitors to choose Bournemouth, not just during the peak summer months, but throughout the year.