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26 April 2024Joseph Broadbent

Bournemouth Coastal BID Celebrates Community with Vibrant Flag Displays

As part of its mission to create a welcoming, attractive environment and promote a sense of community pride, Bournemouth Coastal BID has embraced the power of bold, colourful flag displays to mark major events and bring people together.

Event Impact

During the recent World Cup and Euros football tournaments, BCB funded the installation of an impressive 8 kilometres of flags across Boscombe and other districts under its remit. These vibrant displays transformed the streetscape, creating a festive atmosphere and generating a sense of shared excitement and celebration.

The initiative showcases BCB’s proactive, creative approach to destination marketing and its commitment to making the most of key cultural moments. By tapping into the energy and enthusiasm surrounding the football tournaments, BCB helped position our districts as a natural hub for the community to gather and celebrate.

Festive Flag Displays

Flags for Football Tournaments

Marketing and Community Engagement

Beyond the tournaments, BCB also harnessed the visual impact of mass flag displays to foster a sense of shared identity and resilience during challenging times for the nation, such as the Queen’s funeral and coronation. The organisation’s investment in 8 kilometres of Union Jack bunting was a powerful symbol of the community’s unity and endurance.
Whether marking moments of joy or solemnity, BCB’s flag projects have become a signature way of demonstrating the organisation’s civic leadership and adding a special sense of occasion to the districts under its care. The displays are a source of pride for business owners and residents, tangibly enhancing the environment and strengthening connections throughout the community.