Sticking to our mission.​

Better Business

Working with our partners to attract new visitors, customers and businesses and to expand our sphere of leadership and influence to realise shared ambitions.


Informing, empowering and unifying to produce real results and instil change for the better. To be the leading business voice representing interests locally, regionally and nationally in order to shape policy, secure funding and investment, raise skills and standards and respond changing habits and circumstances. Our projects will include:


  • Training & Support for Hospitality Businesses with BAHA
  • Joint national marketing campaign with BAHA and BCP Council advertising our areas and what we have to offer as a holiday destination
  • Area specific marketing campaigns targeting both day and night time economies
  • Developing a Neighbourhood plan on the West Cliff giving our businesses a real say as to planning policy for this core area
  • Support Business Events Bournemouth, in particular to attract new business and encouraging use of technology to operate in a smarter and more efficient way.
  • Attract Additional Income to Support BID Work Through Sponsorship & Grants
  • Supporting and encouraging local business and traders associations
  • Post COVID support and recovery work
  • Providing free travel to hospitality staff in the form of free Beryl bike minutes to enable them to travel to work


Enhanced Environment

Offering a unique welcome from getting to our area easily, finding their way around to the appearance and maintenance of our areas to the highest standard possible.


The appearance of our areas not only provides a first impression for our visitors/customers, it should also be a source of pride for those who live and work in it. We will endeavour to ensure that it is carried out to the highest standard possible and in a sustainable manner. Our projects will include:


  • Floral & Planting Displays Across the Districts
  • Deep Cleansing of Selected Districts
  • Improve Environment Through Installations such as Murals, Flags and Lighting
  • Use of NEW “Green Machine’ to assist with maintaining our floral displays, graffiti cleaning and helping recycle food waste from our businesses to compost for food banks in Boscombe.


Distinctive Destination​

Promoting Bournemouth and the coastal districts through intelligent and adventurous marketing, promotions and events.

Developing the identities and image further through online and other channels.


Projects that will communicate what makes our destination and districts great and showcase all that we have to offer. Our aim is to position our location locally, regionally and nationally, through intelligent, and sophisticated marketing. A robust and sustainable response to ensure that we become one of the leading destinations in the South, working with our partners to ensure a co- ordinated approach to attract visitors, spend and footfall. Our projects will include:


  • Christmas Tree Wonderland
  • Installation of Christmas and other seasonal illuminations throughout our areas
  • A Calendar of Annual Events Attracting over 100,000
  • Supporting Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe
  • Easter Promotions
  • A New Revamped Website
  • New Branding for the Destination
  • Working in partnership with BCP Council to produce tourism brochures for use by visitors to hotels and to our areas
  • Supporting existing and emerging festivals and events in our districts with focus on year round arrangements
  • Work in partnership with BCP and BAHA to develop overarching marketing campaigns for the whole destination
  • Produce wayfinding maps for hotels and their visitors
  • Work in partnership with BCP Council to maximise opportunities to assist in creating a city destination by 2026
  • Work with Boscombe Towns Fund to revitalise Boscombe and futureproof the area

Safer Day & Night

Ensuring the experience of our visitors/customers and the running of our businesses happens in a safe and welcoming environment.


This is to ensure that we provide a safe and welcoming face to our visitors/ customers and allow for our businesses to operate effectively and without undue hindrance. Our projects will include:


  • Community Safety Accreditation Scheme with Dedicated Officers to Reduce Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Provide additional security tailored to businesses needs as and when these are identified
  • DISC Scheme to Reduce Business Crime