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Coastal BID Boscombe businesses to invest more into their community

Utilising a £1,790,000 spend, The Coastal BID business community have revealed their 2017-2022 investment plans for Boscombe. These include developing Boscombe’s offer as a shopping experience by enhancing Bournemouth’s only regular fresh food market, held Thursdays and Saturdays in Boscombe.

Following the 2016 Boscombe Summer Games, which generated the highest footfall in the Sovereign Centre for two years, proposals include increased support for a wide range of events to draw in more customers from further afield.

Andreas Booth, SpecSavers, enthused:

“The presents of the CSAS team, co-funded by the Coastal BID, has helped to make Boscombe a safer place to visit and to shop.”

Andy Lennox, Koh Thai Tapas Restaurants, said:

“Coastal BID businesses plan to reinvigorate Boscombe in the next five years. This includes highlighting our flourishing retailers, small independent shops, cafés and restaurants, to attract more customers throughout the year.”

The Coastal BID has laid out its plans ahead of their renewal vote on 18th April. Voting commences 2nd May with ballots closing on the 01st June 2017.  

To find out more about the Bournemouth Coastal BID, visit www.coastalbid.co.uk/businessplan


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