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Love Bournemouth Bunnies 2018!

When: 15th March – 9th April 2018

Last year’s hugely successful Love Bournemouth Bunnies Easter competition is returning with a new augmented reality twist on the Go Bournemouth Coast App (GoBoCoast)!

What’s New?

Providing a fun and interactive activity, your participating business will:

  • Display a physical golden bunny for the full campaign period
  • Be listed on the GoBoCoast app
  • GPS authenticated location for a digital / virtual reality bunny


What to win?

The coastal area’s largest ever prize competition will encourage local residents and visitors to explore your business in search of golden and virtual bunnies:

Gold:  £1,000 Shopping Voucher

  • Unlock and share images with minimum 6 bunnies

Silver: £500 Shopping Voucher:

  • Unlock and share images with minimum 4 bunnies

Bronze: £250 Shopping Voucher:

  • Unlock and share images with 2 bunnies

(This does not include the bunny that is already unlocked on the app)


How to win?

Three easy steps to win!

Visitors & customers

  • Find the physical golden bunny in your / other participating businesses
  • Unlock augmented reality bunnies using the GoBoCoast App on their mobile
  • Upload their bunny photos to social media through the GoBoCoast app using #GoBoCoast in order to enter the prize draw!

Engage with your Customers!

  1. Encourage them to take part and download the ‘Go Bournemouth Coast’ app
  2. Scan the marker (logo) on the poster with the camera feature on the app.
  3. Unlock the bunny in relation to the location.
  4. Using the app, the virtual bunny should appear on the phone screen. Customers can then take their photos with it, as well as the physical bunny in store!
  5. Share photos on Facebook or Twitter with #GoBoCoast
  6. Ask them to ‘check in’ to or ‘tag’ your business on Facebook too

Connect & Spread the Word!

  • Use your own social media pages to promote your bunny [see examples]
  • Tell your media contacts about your involvement in this campaign.


Press Release                                                            Press Release Issued: March 2018

[business name] Joins Love Bournemouth Bunnies Easter Campaign

  • Following last year’s success, [business name] has joined the Love Bournemouth Bunnies campaign, which includes a prize competition and new augmented reality feature.

The popular Love Bournemouth Bunnies hunt and prize competition is returning for Easter 2018. Providing a fun and interactive activity, the competition encourages residents and visitors to explore [business name] who have joined the campaign and will be hosting a golden bunny and virtual bunny at their [location ie shop, salon, hotel etc] in [insert trading district, ie Westbourne, Boscombe etc]

Last year thousands of people took to Twitter and Facebook, sharing their great experiences while participating in the competition. This involved discovering and taking photos with golden bunny statues. The new competition challenges families to find as many golden and virtual bunnies as possible between the 15th March and 9th April 2018.

Uploading more bunny selfies will unlock different game levels on the GoBoCoast app. Each level will include a draw for a local shopping voucher of an ever-increasing value, with 6 images or more needed to enter the top draw for a £1000 shopping voucher to spend in [business name] and other participating businesses.

Business owner [insert name of individual] said:

“We’re very excited about hosting the bunnies during the competition. It’s really fun and eye-catching and we look forward to welcoming people into [insert company name] to take a photo with the bunnies and upload it to their social media using the GoBoCoast App – all in the hope of winning fantastic shopping vouchers.”

To download the Go Bournemouth Coast app, visit:

For more information about Love Bournemouth Bunnies competition visit or connect via social media; Facebook (@bournemouthseasons) Twitter (@bmthseasons).

  • Ends –




  • Post Bunnies photos on Facebook and Twitter regularly to remind your customers
  • Make use of both the physical and virtual bunnies
  • Be creative and have fun! Place bunnies in different scenarios e.g.
    • Hopping through the doorway
    • Being served by an employee
    • Having coffee
    • Sit in your window
  • Make sure your business name is visible in all images!
  • Use the hashtag #GoBoCoast on all your Bournemouth Bunnies related posts
  • Tag @bournemouthseasons on Facebook & @bmthseasons on Twitter & we will make sure to share your posts with thousands of people seeing your business!

Post Ideas

  • ‘Visit us for a coffee and chit-chat, then meet our bunny! #GoBoCoast @bmthseasons’
  • ‘Have you met our bunny? He’s really looking forward to meeting you! #GoBoCoast @bmthseasons’
  • ‘Make sure to come by our business and take a #GoBoCoast selfie with our golden bunny! @bmthseasons’
  • ‘We’re having a hoppy Easter with our Bournemouth bunny! Make sure to pop in for your chance to win vouchers worth £1000! @bmthseasons’