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The Bournemouth Coastal BID is planning a significant investment in tourism, Bournemouth’s largest business sector that includes the second largest number of businesses after retail. They plan to invest £2,350,000 between 2017 and 2022. From consultation, businesses want to continue with destination marketing, exploiting Bournemouth’s world-class tourism experience and eye-catching brand.

In the next five years, the Coastal BID will provide a secure funding mechanism, using their proven ability to deliver more successful campaigns and events. This will complement Bournemouth Tourism, attracting more visitors into Bournemouth’s coastal districts.

Des Simmons, from Bournecoast Property Agents, said:

“Bournemouth is an eventful town that can attract visits all year round. In the last five years, the Coastal BID has brought a wealth of new and exciting events. We now need to ensure that these activities continue, using the BID’s sustainable and affordable model.’’

Currently, the Coastal BID is urging businesses to vote ‘Yes’ during their renewal vote. Businesses must vote before the 1st June 2017.  With tourism, a non-statutory obligation for local government, it is the Coastal BID that can bring these collective business resources together.

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