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2 May 2018c0sk8dBid

Bournemouth Coastal BID has made the decision to extend the closing date of the Go Bournemouth Coast (#GoBoCoast) Competition until Monday 4th June. This decision has been made following consultations internally and with third-party advisors to ensure the #GoBoCoast competition is fair for all participants.

Due to several factors out of the control of Bournemouth Coastal BID, some people who had sought to enter the competition were unable to do so due to technical problems with the app (which is run by a third party). For example, it was possible to publish an eligible entry without being informed the entry did not count. By extending the competition we will provide those who were unable to enter with the opportunity to submit eligible entries and ensure the competition is fair for all who wish to enter.

As per our terms and conditions which must be agreed to by all who download the Go Bournemouth Coast app, under section 1 “About the online services”, Bournemouth Coastal BID may update its terms at any time and at its sole discretion. Those affected will be notified by any reasonable means.

. All previous eligible entries that have been submitted will still be counted when the competition closes on Monday 4th June.

  • Stefan Krause, Bournemouth Coastal BID Manager