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21 June 2016c0sk8dBid

Free Cycle Parking available to all Bournemouth small businesses, landlords and non-profit organisations

A total of 50 free Cycle Stands are available for small businesses, community groups, non-profit organisations and landlords in Bournemouth to install on their premises’ for free, thanks to funding from Bournemouth Borough Council in collaboration with Life Cycle UK.

The Take A Stand® scheme, generously backed by Bournemouth Borough Council has been on-going since 2011 to deliver a number of free cycle stands, including Bournemouth. This year, Bournemouth Borough Council have funded 50 cycle stands to be installed in the area.

This collaboration is just one of many successful initiatives to boost cycling in the area. Life Cycle UK says, “Take A Stand has been incredibly successful thus far in offering secure parking when you arrive at your destination, and we’re delighted to be working with Bournemouth Borough Council to provide this free, innovative service to local businesses and organisations”.

Having a safe place for customers to park their bikes, not only encourages the use of bicycles in local areas, but allows businesses and organisations to promote their green credentials and reduce cycle theft.

Each site can receive up to 5 FREE Sheffield stands (subject to Terms and Conditions), which are suitable for 10 bikes. Once an application has been approved, the stands are delivered, free of charge.