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28 November 2018newadmin

There has been a Commercial Burglary series where it appears as though small independent retailers/establishments are being targeted.  It has been brought to our attention that thieves are openly smashing windows to gain entry to steal cash, including tip/charity jars, and media devices.

Please call Dorset Police on 101 to report anyone acting suspiciously and any vehicles they may be using, noting a registration if possible.  This must be done at the time the incident is taking place to ensure immediate action.

See below for crime prevention advice:

  • ALARM: Choose an alarm from a professional alarm installer who is NSI or SSAIB registered. Contact your alarm company to review existing alarm systems.
  • DOORS: Make sure locks on your doors are up to insurance standard. Fit bars on the internal side of the door so that in the event that glass is broken, entry cannot easily be gained. Install a five lever mortice deadlock to any fire doors (this must comply with fire regulations).
  • WINDOWS: Make sure you have locks on your windows and that they are locked at night. If possible, fit bars to the inside but first check that the windows are not designated fire escapes.
  • CASH: Leave tills empty and open to deter any thieves looking through the window. Hide petty cash. Display a ‘No cash is left on the premises overnight’ sign.
  • SAFES: Fix safes firmly to a concrete floor or brick wall and hide it as much as possible. Enhance your alarm system in the area the safe is kept.
  • SMOKE CLOAK/FOG BANDIT: Depending on your business type, consider installing either ‘Smoke Cloak’ or ‘Fog Bandit’ which aim to stop burglars in their tracks by filling the premises with a thick artificial fog. Both methods have the police ‘Secured By Design’ accreditation and need to be attached to your alarm system. The fog can also be deployed in the event of an armed robbery.
  • CCTV: CCTV must be fitted correctly and have the right lighting or infrared facility. It must be monitored 24 hours a day. It is recommended that CCTV is fitted by an installer who is NSI or SSAIB registered.