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5 January 2016c0sk8dBid

Footfall monitors have been successfully installed in Westbourne and Southbourne, with the Boscombe camera to follow very soon after the need to change its planned location. The BID is working with industry leaders Springboard, and footfall figures are being collected on an hourly basis enabling accurate and valuable benchmarking to be calculated.
We have just received the second month’s data and are therefore able to share the first comparative month-on-month figures.
These can be found on the “Information Hub” page of the Coastal BID website, or by clicking here.
Key observations / interpretation

Results are just for Westbourne and Southbourne at the moment – and mostly combined totals (have requested these are split in future)
Location of cameras: Westbourne – north side of Poole Road by zebra crossing opposite Arcade
Southbourne – north side of road outside the post office
First table (Page 1) (Monthly Footfall) – we have no comparatives from 2013, so just comparing August with September. Significantly we have remained level 0%, despite SW dropping by 12.9% and UK dropping by 4%
Footfalls by month (Page 1): the increase from August to September of 25% is due to Springboard counting 4 weeks in August and 5 weeks in September. (As per last point below, average number per week is very consistent over the 2 months). Presumably locals on holiday in August counter balanced by tourists/visitors
Footfall by hour (Page 2): Saturdays are not the busiest day of the week, and seem to dip around lunchtime, otherwise daily patterns very similar, with Tuesday as possibly the busiest day of the week
Footfall totals (Page 3): average number of people per week practically identical when looking at the 2 areas separately over the 2 months
13% more people pas the Westbourne camera compared to the one in Southbourne