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The Coastal BID and Southbourne: Forum for SOSBA members and BID Businesses

18 June at Sunrise in Southbourne


The Coastal BID was voted through in April 2012 by the majority of businesses (73%) who returned their ballot papers (43% turnout, compared to 39% in local elections).  The BID company was formed and started operating from 1 July 2012.  Approximately 12% of the total BID levy is contributed by 130 businesses in the Southbourne area.

The Business Plan sets out 4 key areas of activity:

  • •  Bringing more staying visitors to Bournemouth off-season
  • •  Creating more attractor events both for the town and within the coastal villages
  • •  Helping to attract more people to businesses in Southbourne, Boscombe and Westbourne
  • •  Providing support for BID businesses and helping to make them more profitable.


During the current financial year (July 2013 to June 2014) the BID has:

  • •  Undertaken two off-season campaigns:  Golden Ticket (autumn 2013) and Spring/Wheels (2014)
  • •  Provided funding for Southbourne’s Christmas programme, Shake & Stir & the bus shelter growbags
  • •  Brought the City Sightseeing, hop-on, hop-off us to Southbourne and provided a free opportunity for businesses to advertise on their website, plus arranged special ticket offers for hotel guests
  • •  Employed Anna Chamberlain (business support) to help businesses maximise the benefits.  This has seen an improved website, regular fortnightly e-newsletters and more visits to businesses
  • •  Produced a new copyright free map of the main retail and seafront area of Southbourne
  • •  Undertaken a major new retail research initiative interviewing 900 people in Southbourne
  • •  Installed a footfall camera on Southbourne Grove to help establish/monitor business patterns
  • •  Produced an updated version of the Coastal Walking leaflet with increased editorial on Southbourne

Later this year (probably from September onwards) new wayfinding signs will be installed to help link the seafront at Fisherman’s Walk and Southbourne Grove

How to maximise the BID for your benefit:

  • •  Book an appointment with Anna:  01202 291200
  • •  Check the website weekly
  • •  Read the fortnightly e-newsletter, please let us know if you’re not currently receiving theses
  • •  Take part in all the campaigns and promotions
  • •  Talk to us about your utilities and creditcard needs

Full presentation (with lots of images) is available as PDF. We’re more than happy to email this to you, just drop a request to