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Motivational Master Class: Customer Service ‘I Just Don’t Understand You!’

Date: 27th Apr 2016

This Master Class is presented by global motivational speaker Andy Edwards.  ‘I Just Don’t Understand You!’ will focus on learning how to read people’s personalities fast enough to be able to build useful relationships to enhance customer service – “Relationship building is business building,” he says.

If you work in a hotel, guest house, restaurant, bar or shop, your biggest interaction is with your customers, so this class is for you. Andy is a professional trainer and coach and an expert in building relationships, come and learn how to adapt and connect with your customers at a deeper and broader level.

The class will be held in Bournemouth.  For more information, contact Lindsay Smith, or tel: 01202 962073.

Hospitality Master Class: Social Media and Customer Service

Date: 5th May 2016

David Lakins from Key Multimedia will present a Master Class on Social Media and Customer Service looking at how to engage with customers, how to develop personas and highlighting the techniques and tools that can be used to manage and measure an effective social media campaign.

He will also provide an introduction to social media platforms to enable hospitality businesses to manage their online reputation.

To book your place, contact Lindsay Smith, or tel: 01202 962073.

Welcome Bournemouth Host

Date: 12th May 2016

Welcome Bournemouth Host offers the industry benchmark for customer service training and an excellent grounding for all those working in the industry.

In addition to providing customer care tips and advice, this course is specially tailored to those working in Bournemouth, giving up-to-date resort knowledge covering attractions, events and activities in the surrounding area.

To book your place, contact Lindsay Smith, or tel: 01202 962073