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3 March 2022newadmin

Bournemouth Coastal BID has hailed Boscombe’s new comedy and music venue as a shot in the arm for the high street.

The Black Cherry Theatre close to Sainsbury’s has opened its doors and already is receiving rave reviews.

It is delivering a café, licensed bar, comedy, music, theatre, improvisation and rehearsal space – bringing new business to the heart of Boscombe.

There are four creatives behind The Black Cherry which has existed for a number of years, but now has a new, permanent home.

The venue can seat more than 100 in an innovative stage and seating arrangement, which makes it ideal for all types of entertainment.

Rachel Maddix, one of the directors, said: “It’s been whirlwind getting it off the ground but our first weekend was a huge success.

“We were sold out on both Friday and Saturday and the comedians and musicians were all relatively local and really enjoyed it.

“We are open from 11-4pm during the day and from 6-11pm on Friday and Saturday with 12-6pm opening on Sundays.

“For all the listings and event please head to our website.”

Peter Ruscoe, manager of Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre and member of the Coastal BID, said: “They’re having a laugh – and it’s great.

“Black Cherry is the latest of a number of new businesses that have moved into the high street.

“It is wonderful to have an addition to the day-time and night-time economies which will really boost the area.

“There is a great deal of creativity in Boscombe and to have a new venue where it can be expressed means a lot to people here.”