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21 January 2024CoastalBID

The Boscombe Projector: A Ground-breaking Initiative

The Boscombe Projector is a ground-breaking initiative that showcases Bournemouth Coastal BID’s innovative approach to place-making and community engagement. As the first permanently installed 3D mapping projector in the UK, it represents a major investment in Boscombe’s cultural infrastructure and a bold statement of the district’s creative ambitions.

Boscombe Projections

Vision and Goals

BCB’s vision for the projector is to create a new, dynamic platform for artistic expression and public participation that enlivens the high street, drives footfall, and strengthens Boscombe’s identity as a hub of creativity and innovation. By commissioning a diverse programme of eye-catching, thought-provoking content from local and international artists, BCB is ensuring that the projector becomes a source of ongoing interest, pride and inspiration for the community.

Strengths and Versatility

The projector’s versatility is one of its key strengths, allowing BCB to use it in a wide variety of ways to support local businesses, cultural organisations and community groups. From seasonal celebrations like Christmas and Chinese New Year to bespoke promotions for individual retailers and events, the projector is a powerful tool for animating the streetscape and creating a sense of shared spectacle and experience.

Boscombe Projections with Palm Trees

Commitment to Diversity

BCB’s commitment to using the projector to showcase work by emerging and established artists, including those from underrepresented backgrounds, reflects the organisation’s wider mission to champion diversity, inclusivity and creative excellence. By providing opportunities for artists to experiment with this cutting-edge technology and engage with new audiences, BCB is helping to nurture local talent and position Boscombe as a launchpad for artistic innovation.

Partnership-Based Approach

The Boscombe Projector is also a prime example of BCB’s proactive, partnership-based approach to destination management. By working closely with key stakeholders like the Sovereign Centre, local schools and community groups, BCB has ensured that the projector is not just a top-down initiative but a true collaboration that reflects and serves the needs and aspirations of the wider community.

As a highly visible, constantly evolving feature of Boscombe’s public realm, the projector is a powerful symbol of BCB’s commitment to investing in distinctive, world-class cultural infrastructure that raises the district’s profile, drives economic growth, and enhances quality of life for residents and visitors alike. It is a shining example of how bold, creative thinking and strategic partnership-building can transform a high street and galvanise a community around a shared vision of a brighter, more vibrant future.