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13 December 2021CoastalBID

I became Chair of Bournemouth Coastal BID in 2015 and have volunteered my time, energy, and passion into making it a vibrant and prosperous place to work and visit. In times, that were challenging in so many ways, I have seen Bournemouth Coastal BID deliver the benefits you wanted throughout this second term. The team including the staff and the Board of Directors have adapted to support our destination and your businesses not only in challenging times for the businesses but also through the unprecedented times of a pandemic. Bournemouth Coastal BID has achieved much of what was set out in the Business Plan 2017 -2022 and have operated a COVID business support service to ensure you received eligible grants & funding and promotions to re-boost trade & sales. Our focus is now attuned to the re-opening and recovery of our destination with support for your business. We want to continue to welcome back our visitors, shoppers and workers and build on what we had already achieved. Please take the time to complete the BID Renewal Survey and have a voice in how you can help us shape your future. We need to ensure that the next 5-year plan delivers the benefits and campaigns that you want to see to ensure the prosperity of your businesses and our destination. Thank you for your continued support.