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26 April 2024Joseph Broadbent

Westbourne Christmas Festival and Late-Night Shopping Campaign

The Westbourne Christmas Festival and Late-Night Shopping Campaign, organised and funded by the Bournemouth Coastal BID, was a resounding success, bringing together the community and attracting hundreds of visitors to the area each Saturday throughout December.

Event Highlights

The highlight of the festival was the annual Christmas tree light switch-on, which took place on Saturday, December 2nd, at 4:30 pm. The event featured an impressive line-up of celebrities, including Chris Billam-Smith, the WBO World Cruiserweight Champion, Harry Redknapp, and the Mayor of Bournemouth. The presence of these well-known figures added an extra layer of excitement and drew even larger crowds to the festivities.

Christmas in Westbourne

Shopping at Westbourne Arcade

Additional Activities

The day was filled with a variety of entertaining activities, starting at 11 am with a special visit from Santa Claus, who was accompanied by choirs throughout the day. Another unique attraction was the appearance of the famous Bournemouth Goats, which delighted children and adults alike.

Promotional Efforts

To capture the magic of the event, the Bournemouth Coastal BID commissioned drone footage, providing a stunning aerial perspective of the festivities. The footage was used in promotional materials and shared on social media, allowing those who couldn’t attend in person to experience the joy and wonder of the Westbourne Christmas Festival.
In addition to the light switch-on, the festival featured 78 music activations, creating a lively and festive atmosphere throughout the area. Shoppers and visitors were treated to a diverse range of musical performances, from traditional carols to contemporary holiday favourites.
To further engage the community and collect valuable data, the Bournemouth Coastal BID implemented a QR code system. Visitors could scan the code to access a dedicated landing page, where they could find more information about the event, participating businesses, and special offers. This interactive element not only enhanced the visitor experience but also provided the BID with essential insights into the festival’s reach and impact.

Westbourne Decorations

Westboure Arcade Festive

Community Support

The Westbourne Christmas Festival also served as a platform to support local charities. The traders organised a charity raffle, with impressive prizes donated by the many prestigious shops and eateries in Westbourne. The proceeds from the raffle were put towards upgrading the local community play park, demonstrating the strong sense of community spirit and commitment to improving the area.
Additionally, Hope for Food, a local charity dedicated to supporting those in need, benefited from the collection tins placed in shops and bars throughout the festival. The generosity of shoppers and visitors during the Christmas season helped raise crucial funds for this worthy cause.

Westbourne Christmas Lights

Closing Remarks

The success of the Westbourne Christmas Festival and Late-Night Shopping Campaign was further enhanced by the extended shopping hours on Thursdays, December 7th and 21st. During these special late-night shopping events, visitors were treated to complimentary popcorn and mulled wine, adding to the festive atmosphere and encouraging people to explore the area’s many shops and eateries.
The Bournemouth Coastal BID’s efforts in organising and funding the Westbourne Christmas Festival and Late-Night Shopping Campaign demonstrate their commitment to supporting local businesses, fostering community spirit, and creating memorable experiences for residents and visitors alike. The festival not only brought joy and celebration to the area but also generated valuable economic benefits for the businesses in Westbourne.
The event’s success is a testament to the power of collaboration and the dedication of the Bournemouth Coastal BID in promoting and enhancing the unique character and appeal of Westbourne. With its combination of celebrity appearances, musical performances, charitable initiatives, and extended shopping hours, the Westbourne Christmas Festival and Late-Night Shopping Campaign has become a cherished annual tradition that continues to grow and thrive, year after year.