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2 February 2018c0sk8dBid

As 2018 is the Chinese Zodiac’s ‘Year of the Dog’, we thought it only appropriate to praise man’s best friend and the local businesses that welcome them with our innovative ‘Go Bournemouth Coast’ augmented reality app.

Needless to say, there are many views regarding dog-friendly businesses. Some people love to be surrounded by fluffy companions when they go out for coffee, while others are rather concerned about the ‘hygiene’ factor. Therefore, it can be quite hard for our favourite cafés and restaurants to comply with everyone’s needs. After all, you certainly cannot please everyone all the time!
However, it is a fact that 8.5 million dogs are making the lives of millions of Britons better. With so many happy pooches and owners in England, there’s also an increasing need for dog-friendly businesses which allow furry companions in public spaces. Currently, 32,000 businesses already have a dog-friendly attitude and this number is growing by the day.

For us customers, there are many potential benefits when visiting a dog-friendly business, rather than one that doesn’t allow pets on its premises….

Firstly, dogs can improve social interactions. If you go into a café, restaurant or bar which has dogs in, there’s evidence to suggest that you are more likely to socialise and interact with those around you. It was found that if a dog is on the premises of a business we visit, we’re more likely to put our phones down and start conversations with those around us.

Secondly, dogs can improve atmosphere. If you are in town enjoying a nice lunch or a warm cup of tea, you’d want the place to be welcoming and positive right? No one wants to dine in a dull diner! In a recent survey, 96% of people said that the ambience of a place improves when dogs are present. So, apparently dogs really can set the mood!

Lastly, dogs can improve business. Affectionate canines have been known to make employees happier and more motivated, improving their morale and standard of customer service. So, we’re likely to have a more pleasant customer experience in a dog-friendly establishment!

The moral of the story is: if you love dogs, start exploring dog-friendly businesses! They are fantastic to spend time in and bound to lift your mood. If you download the Go Bournemouth Coast app it will take you on an amazing adventure to find Lucky the Dog in many dog-friendly coastal businesses. PLUS, there’s also the chance to win amazing prizes including a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera if you take photos of our virtual pup and upload them on social media with the hashtag #GoBoCoast.

In the meantime, whether you’re a dog lover or not, we’re keen to find out your opinion on dog-friendly establishments and what your own experiences of them are! Let us know on social media – or