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29 January 2018c0sk8dBid

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”

This year we are celebrating the Chinese New Year on Bournemouth’s Coast with our innovative ‘Go Bournemouth Coast’ augmented reality app. As 2018 is the Chinese Zodiac’s ‘Year of the Dog’, it’s the perfect time to praise man’s best friend in our trading areas.

Bournemouth has a great diversity of dog-friendly retailers already, but we’d like to encourage more business owners to open their doors to loyal pooches. With approximately 8.5 million dogs in the UK, we owe it to our furry companions to adopt a dog-friendly attitude in public spaces. Whether you own, run, or manage a hotel, restaurant, pub or bookshop, you’re more likely to gain better customer satisfaction if you make doggies welcome.

There are many benefits for businesses that open their doors to dog-owners and their canine companions. Over 32,000 businesses in the UK are already dog-friendly, so it’s about time more coastal businesses opened their doors to our four-legged friends.

Dogs improve social interactions

They are known to encourage customers to socialise and interact. So, you can expect to see your customers drop their phones and show a bit more human interaction if you have a dog on your premises. Plus, they’ll remember what a good time they had, and they’ll surely be back!

Dogs improve atmosphere

Is your atmosphere quite… dull? Perhaps you need to welcome some dogs in! In a recent survey, 96% of people said that the ambience of a place improves when dogs are present. Wagging their tails around the place and bursting with happiness, they’ll surely brighten the mood.

Dogs improve business

Okay, social interactions and a good atmosphere are great, but let’s get down to business now. Affectionate canines can also bring financial benefits. How? Firstly, they make employees happier and more motivated, improving morale and attendance. This also means that your team will be motivated to perform at their best and please customers. Secondly, you can expand your customer base. You’ll have dog-owners, animal advocates and many pet lovers coming through your door.

There’s no better time to become dog-friendly than now! Welcome fluffy four-legged companions in your business and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being pet-friendly.

Don’t forget to download the free Go Bournemouth Coast App, which will take your customers on an adventure to find Lucky the Dog in many dog-friendly coastal businesses in Bournemouth!